A True Internet Love Story

3,000 Miles to Eternity: A True Internet Love Story
by Duane Pannell and Selena Pannell

BUT…what if?

What if two people who were meant to be together for eternity had to live their earthly lives separate for many years? And what if when they did finally meet, they were a little broken and the miles apart helped them ease into their destiny together?

Years before online dating became a respectable option, two broken and imperfect souls digitally crossed paths on their journey back to God. Join Papabear38 (Duane) and Moongoddess (Selena) as they share the emails and notes that eventually brought them together.

Unafraid to dig deep, this fascinating love story is a book you won’t be able to stop reading. From the first page, you’ll find yourself smiling, laughing, and maybe shedding a few tears as you see the hand of God in their lives. Engaging and entertaining, this book is the perfect reminder of the power of God’s love, redemption, and hope.

Tinder Dating by Chris Campbell

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Experiencing Success on Tinder! (Hookup Apps, Dating Apps, Online Dating, Tinder for Men, Tinder for Women)
by Chris Campbell

Discover How To Set Yourself Up For Tinder Success!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device!

You’re about to discover a proven strategy for how to have success on Tinder. Millions of people have joined the dating app bandwagon but have not been able to find any success. Most people realize how much of a problem their dating life has become, but are unable to change their situation, simply because they’ve had the wrong mindset for so long.

The truth is, if you are suffering from a lack of dating success and haven’t been able to overcome it, it’s because you are lacking an effective strategy and understanding of how to set the odds in your favor. This book goes into the facts about online dating and dating apps, how to use Tinder effectively, the challenges you will face, and the pros and cons of using this revolutionary app in your daily life. We will also go over the mindset that you should proceed with and a step-by-step strategy that will help you meet people you actually WANT to meet!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

The History Of Online Dating & Tinder
The Science Behind Online Dating
The Pros And Cons of Using Tinder
Tinder Compared to Other Similar Online Dating Platforms

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Maximize Your Relationship

Online Dating: Advice to Maximize Your Relationship Success on the Internet: Guide to Finding Success with Online Dating (How to Find Success in Online Dating)
by Amy Evans

Online Dating: Advice To Maximize Your Relationship Success on the Internet

Are You Tired of Unsuccessfully Looking for Interesting People in Your Area to Date?
Are You Sick of Wasting Money at Bars and Clubs, Hoping to Find a New Love Interest?
Are You Jealous of Family and Friends With Successful Relationships?
Do You Want to Find a New Way to Look for Love?

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, then ”Online Dating: Advice to Maximize Your Relationship Success on the Internet” is the book for you! This book was specifically written for people who want to learn how to use online dating to find more success with relationships.

What Will You Learn From This Book?

-An overview of online dating, and what it can potentially do for you
-How to find a dating site to join
-How to create your dating profile and make yourself stand out
-How to chat with potential matches
-How to move forward and arrange a date
-What to do if things aren’t working out

You can expect to learn everything mentioned above and much more!
The most successful people with online dating find their match in a quick, safe, and stress-free way.

Just ONE tip from this book can help find that perfect match. So why not give this book a read, what do you have to lose?

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Prevent Dead End Relationships

Online Dating Success Tip – Love at First Site: Keep Him Interested, and Prevent Dead-End Relationships: Dating Secret Way To Successful First Date (Dating Secret Volumn Book 1)
by Success T.

How to Get the Guy As You Want and Avoid Broke-Up Relationships

If a man doesn’t take you seriously he may feel compelled to have a good time with you. Unfortunately, this good time will last until you finally realize you’re being taken for a ride. She is too lenient with men in the beginning stages of a new romance, and she’s prone to compromising her standards just to keep a man in her life.

A woman with poise never chases or throws herself at a man, nor does she make things easy for him by clearing her schedule “just in case” he calls or comes around. Women like this unknowingly chase men, as they become frantic, frustrated, and foolhardy whenever the guy they want begins to pull away or lose interest in them.

We give you the guide for learning to win the game with Dating secret and also Online Dating Success Tips with How To Find Your Soul Mate Over The Internet.

Overcoming Unhappily

A Sucky Love Story: Overcoming Unhappily Ever After
by Brittani Louise Taylor

What if falling in love meant almost losing everything?

Where does a moderately popular internet star who never leaves her house look for potential suitors? Online. Tinder, Bumble, Match.com, OkCupid—I tried them all. My thirty-one-year-old self clicked and swiped her little heart out, leading to more dates than I could count, and more disappointment than I was prepared for.

Maybe you can relate. Maybe you know all too well the perils of modern dating. But let’s say, eventually, you meet someone. You think to yourself, “Wow, they’re perfect! Take me off the market, put a ring on it, knock me up, the whole enchilada, because they are ‘the one.’” Let’s also say that they “feel the same way” about you. Your life starts to make sense! All the pain, heartbreak, and frustration from past failed relationships was worth it. Slow clap.

That’s how I felt about Milos. He was from Europe, a doctor, wealthy, athletic. He had an accent and a dog. Milos was textbook marriage material.

For him it was “love at first sight,” but for me, it was “anxiety on every date.”

Something was telling me to run—but for two years, the only running I did was straight into his arms.

If only I would have listened.

This isn’t a love story.

It’s my story of survival.

Tinder Nopes

The Best of the Worst Online Dating Fails
by Holly Dalton

Put the phone down.

Back away from the Tinder.

Some people should just never be allowed on online dating…

Online dating was invented to make finding a potential match a breeze – you can do it from the comfort of your own home! In your pyjamas! But for some people, the instant, no-effort-required nature of online dating (and the fact that you can’t get punched in the face for a dodgy chat-up line) brings out their worst side. From cringe-worthy conversation starters to lines that ramp up the rudeness from 0-100 in nanoseconds, the best of the worst ever chat-up fails are collected here for your reading pleasure.

Note: Unfortunately you can’t swipe left on these conversations.

Online Dating Success by Erika Ettin

Love at First Site: Tips and Tales for Online Dating Success from a Modern-Day Matchmaker
by Erika Ettin

From first click to first date, this book guides you through all aspects of online dating.
In Love at First Site, dating coach Erika Ettin has taken her expertise–previously only available to her clients–and laid it out in an easy-to-use and exciting guide to the world of online dating. Erika shows her readers how to increase their odds for connections by marketing themselves well. Her background in economics helps her use the numbers game in her favor. It’s a simple equation: more profile views equal more dates, more dates equal a better chance at finding your match. With her tips and tricks, Erika can show you exactly how to increase your online dating odds.

Erika’s advice includes pointers for choosing your best profile picture, writing a winning profile, crafting emails that catch someone’s attention, and planning the first date. Erika’s knowledge is rooted in her highly successful coaching business as well as her own experience with online dating. Questions from Erika’s clients will save you the time of wondering how to approach strange situations–they’re all in here! And tales of dating adventures from Erika herself will leave you both encouraged and entertained.

Erika holds a BA in economics from Cornell University and an MBA from Georgetown University. Since launching her online dating consulting business, A Little Nudge, Erika has helped hundreds of clients in the United States and abroad find happiness. She currently lives in Washington, D.C.

The Hook Up Experiment

The Hook-Up Experiment (The Experiment Book 1)
by Emma Hart

1.Hate-screw my high school nemesis.
2.Remember to hate him.
3.Prove my brother wrong.
It should be easy.
It isn’t.

As the owner of Pick-A-D*ck, New Orleans’ premier hook-up website, my job is simple. Connect two people for a no-strings, no-expectations hook-up. The plus for my clients is that I’m the one who gets to sift through the d*ck pics—except this time, they’re required.
My problem? My brother, co-owner of Pick-A-D*ck’s sister dating site, doesn’t believe it’s possible to hook up with someone three times and not fall in love.
I disagree. I know it’s possible.
And my disagreement is exactly how I end up reconnected with my high school nemesis, Elliott Sloane. The guy who asked me to junior prom and then stood me up. Who egged my car when I rejected him, and convinced my senior homecoming date to ghost me.
It should be easy to hate-screw him. If only he was still that person, instead of a hot-as-hell single dad, working as a builder to make ends’ meet, fighting for custody of his daughter.

Three hook-ups.
One outcome.

(The Hook-Up Experiment is book one of the Experiment series and is a STANDALONE. If you’ve read The Upside to Being Single, this is Peyton’s story.)

Guide to Growing Up

Dr Christian’s Guide to Growing Up
by Dr Christian Jessen and Dave Semple

No question is too cringey for Embarrassing Bodies expert Dr Christian! In this no-nonsense guide, he’s here to answer all those awkward questions about puberty, your body and the process of growing up.

Product details

Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 23090 KB
Print Length: 96 pages
Publisher: Scholastic Non-Fiction; 1 edition (2 May 2013)
Language: English

Escape the Singles Trap

Online Dating: Escape the Singles Trap, Create The Perfect Profile For You, Easy Dating Profile Secrets To Get You Dating, How to make Tinder, POF, Happn etc Work For You
by Joe Ross and Online Dating

Whether you’ve dated online already and need some advice to raise your game or are completely new to online dating this book gives you a no-nonsense approach to meeting attractive women.

9 Reasons This Book will be your Go-To Guide to Successful Dating:

1) I cover a range of the most popular websites from Plenty of Fish to Tinder to Happn, show you how do they work, the best ones to choose and the ones to avoid.
2) I go into a quick and easy way to set up your profile – that play to YOUR STRENGTHS – this is probably the main reason for not getting the replies you want.
3) I take you through the process of taking that date WINNING main profile picture – this is why women click on your profile – what the framing should be, what you should be doing, and wearing – and crucially what you shouldn’t include.
3) Your backup pictures to get you replies – I then give examples of what your OTHER pictures should be – these images are doing the talking!
4) I go into filling out your ‘about me’ – this is a fantastic opportunity to get that girl jumping for the ‘message’ button. We’ll go through how to make yourself sound intriguing, so THEY’LL want to message and ask about you.
5) I offer advice for setting your parameters and how to go about searching so you’re not wasting your time and your money.
6) I give a list of the DREADFUL stereotypes that seem to lurk on dating sites now – and how we can separate ourselves from them – therefore rising to the top of the ‘most wanted’ list by women.
7) One of the hardest things – the opening message! I give you examples of how to start a message, get intrigue, and give yourself the best possible chance of a reply!
8) I take you through the simple steps to get the girls number – moving off of the website as fast as possible and arranging that drink!
9) I also suggest great times and places to go for the initial drink – This is all about you getting to know the girl.

15 Information Packed Chapters I cover:

–Plenty of Sites
–Creating your Profile
–The Backup – Secondary Pictures
–Vital Statistics
–Improving your Look
–It’s the ‘about me’
–Setting your Parameters
–The Stereotypes that Lurk Online
–Opening Messages
–Texting and Whatsapping
–No Reply?
–Going for a Drink
–Looking for Fun?
–Going in for the Kiss
–The Awkward Goodbye

This book is jammed packed with everything you need to get you to that first date. Dating should be enjoyable, where you can choose who you want to date rather than getting frustrated and wondering why ‘no one replies’. By avoid mistakes I lay out you will meet hot and charming women for new adventures. This is about improving you, making you the best you can be, and with my help I’m going to help you get dating.

So without further ado, let’s jump straight in and get dating!

Everything You Need to Know About ONLINE DATING

by Jay Jordan , Landis Blair

I don’t know where the Holy Grail is and I don’t have a map to Atlantis, but I do know my way around dating sites. I believe that, by following my advice, success is simple, no matter who you are.

Why does this book exist? I was asked to write the following pages by numerous people who at one point in their lives took my advice and joined the slightly strange world of online dating. They had the time of their lives and never looked back. Many are now in steady relationships and living happy lives. Without realising it, it was my input and advice that helped them on their journey. I never knew how much I had learnt and how much my knowledge would help them get to where they are today. It was mainly these people that asked me to write this book, but also those who had become disillusioned by the ever-growing number of clueless members that seemed to frequent the dating sites.

So, here we are: you, me, a book about internet dating sites and a question that I am sure is on your mind … “Is this book for me?”
Let me save you some time and money, as I admit this book isn’t for everyone.
If you are under 20 years of age and have a very active social and sex life, then surely you have the wrong book in your hands and you might be better off in the sexual health section.
If you have so many phone numbers from the opposite sex in your mobile phone that you have to keep updating the size of your memory card so as to make room for more, then take a step back and walk away. Pocket organisers are on the left.

If you are a 6ft Adonis with rippling biceps and an eight pack who teaches tennis to rich and very bored ladies in his free time, then let’s face it – you probably have a very full life and can swagger away chortling. I would try the early-learning section if I were you.

If you are amazingly good looking, a member of a popular boy band and have women sleeping outside your bedroom window, then surely you can afford to buy this anyway and don’t need to consider anything. In fact, I’m surprised you didn’t get your PA to buy it for you. You don’t need it though, and if I were you, I would save my money for when you are older and working two nights a week in a holiday camp. That day will come.

If you believe (like many) that internet dating is for losers, then why pick this book up in the first place? There must be some doubt in your mind or at least some intrigue as to what goes on? If not, then put this down and find a book called 1,000,000 Pick-up Lines by Chuck Junior and head to the nearest pub. But I can guarantee that you will be missing out on a world that is very popular and quite simply unbelievable.

If, like me and the rest of the 99.9% of the population, you do not fall into any of the above categories, then maybe this book is for you. It will give you a head start into the massive and complicated world of online dating, which is something I never had and a world where I really did learn the hard way.

I didn’t always get things right, but I kept a record and studied every single meet or message that went either right or wrong.

I dedicate this to every person who has sat and stared at their mobile phone and wondered why a certain person hasn’t phoned back or at least sent a text.

But above all, I dedicate this and a whole world of knowledge to anyone who has sat at home and wondered where all the single people are.
Let’s start where most things usually do – at the beginning.

How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed

The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed
by Mystery , Lovedrop

“One of the most admired men in the world of seduction” (The New York Times) teaches average guys how to approach, attract and begin intimate relationships with beautiful women

For every man who always wondered why some guys have all the luck, Mystery, considered by many to be the world’s greatest pickup artist, finally reveals his secrets for finding and forming relationships with some of the world’s most beautiful women. Mystery gained mainstream attention for his role in Neil Strauss’s New York Times bestselling exposé, The Game. Now he has written the definitive handbook on the art of the pickup.

He developed his unique method over years of observing social dynamics and interacting with women in clubs to learn how to overcome the guard shield that many women use to deflect come-ons from “average frustrated chumps.”

The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed shares tips such as:

*Give more attention to her less attractive friend at first, so your target will get jealous and try to win your attention.
*Always approach a target within 3 seconds of noticing her. If a woman senses your hesitation, her perception of your value will be lower.
*Don’t be picky. Approach as many groups of people in a bar as you can and entertain them with fun conversation. As you move about the room, positive perception of you will grow. Now it’s easy to meet anyone you want.
*Smile. Guys who don’t get laid, don’t smile.

Who Are You

With one click she found her perfect man. And he found his perfect victim. A true story of the ultimate deception.
by Megan Henley and Watson Brown, Linda

A dramatic and terrifying memoir of a ‘catfish’ scenario – when a woman meets a man online but nothing is what it seems.

25-year-old Megan Henley put her five-year-old daughter to bed one evening and switched on her laptop. A Facebook ‘friend request’ seemed to be genuine. There were a few common friends and very similar interests, so Megan accepted.

With that one simple act, she changed her life forever. In her words: ‘looking back on it, it was as if I had opened my front door to a stranger, as if I had thrown away every precaution I’d ever put in place, as if I had freely given access to my whole world – all because of some naïve belief that it was ‘just’ a friend request on a social media site.’ Megan is tricked into a relationship, paranoia, and ultimately betrayal by the man she loved and trusted but nothing is as it seems.

Online Dating For Women Quick Tips

The Quick Notes: With Game Changer Quick Tips
by Chad Nellis

Ladies, what if you could find out exactly what most guys are thinking, then use that to your advantage, would that be useful? I’d like to invite you to explore the inner mind of a man and see for yourself the dramatic changes it can bring to your dating results.

Unlike a lot of Amazon books these days that only cover general knowledge and were created overnight, this book took several years to compile with real life examples on what works and doesn’t work in online dating. In this book you’ll discover the secret “Game Changer Quick Tips,” which get straight to root of the problem and include actual case studies, which will work on any online dating site, free or paid including: Match, eHarmony, OkCupid, Tinder, Zoosk and others.

If you haven’t had much success in finding your ideal match, don’t sweat it. This quick guide will show you:

• How to build and write a profile that attracts not just any man, but high quality men who have integrity and will treat you like a Queen.

• How to determine whether or not guys like women to take the lead and what they find irresistible.

• Why you can have the best profile, pictures and responses, but if you don’t take care of Game Changer Quick Tip #4, you’ll just keep ending up with the wrong guy.

• How to implement all the Game Changer Quick Tips and set yourself apart from 99% of all other women.

My name is Chad Nellis and I’m a certified relationship and master results coach with hundreds of success stories helping both singles and couples find attract and keep a great relationship. And yes I’m over 40, so whether you’re 20 or looking for online dating for women over 40 I’ve got a wide palate of experience. Please allow me to help you navigate the minefield of online dating and guide you quickly to your most compatible match.

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Internet Dating Secrets

Online Dating: 7 Internet Dating Secrets you Simply Must Know
by Craig Beck

Internet Dating is no longer the
preserve of the geeks and the
terminally uncool of a few years ago.
As the world becomes even more
connected and social media continues
to redefine the concept of ‘friendship’
more and more couples are meeting
via online dating websites.

Craig Beck is a former clinical hypnotist
and sales persuasion expert. When his
fourteen year marriage came to an
end he found himself back in the dating game. He quickly discovered the rules had completely changed since his high school days. No more plucking up the courage to approach a girl you liked, now she was free to inspect and critique you from the comfort of her own home.

Craig quickly realized that the vast majority of dating website members were making ‘relationship preventing’ mistakes in their profiles and photographs. In Online Dating he guides you through the secrets you simply MUST know if you want to find the man or woman of your dreams online.

My Tinder Tales

A disastrous guide to dating.
by Sarah Louise Rosmond

At the age of 30, I had not long moved to a new country and my mother had decided it was a good idea to set me up and online dating profile. Now that was really an eye opener. Until this point, I never realised how deceitful people could be. In this book you will not only hear about some of my ridiculous dating disasters, but also some stories from those close to me. It is a murky world behind that phone screen and I’m about to dig up the dirt on some seedy characters. Don’t worry boys and girls. I have changed your names for legal reasons, but we know who you are.

Are you thinking about online dating? Do the beautiful profiles on Tinder turn your head. Maybe you should read this book first, even if just for giggle.

Online Dating For Dummies

by Judith Silverstein and Michael Lasky

Chances are, you’ve heard about Internet dating from a friend, or an online banner ad has caught your eye. If you’ve given online dating a passing consideration, you may have some fears from all those graphic horror stories that jar your senses – and your sensibilities. Or you may think that meeting people via the Internet is only for the disenfranchised or socially unskilled.

From their own experiences, 20 million people can tell you otherwise. Online Dating For Dummies will get you off the fence and on the Internet dating path – with the skill of a seasoned pro. Like your best friend, this fun reference will give you the straight scoop on

Gearing up with the right computer hardware
Overcoming preconceived notions of who is online
Talking the online lingo
Enjoying conversation in chat rooms
Considering date site options
Establishing your screen identity
Facing the consequences of not posting a photo

Internet dating is growing at double-digit rates every year, while other forms of finding a connection are flat or falling off. Internet dating, although far from perfect, is becoming the most effective and efficient method of getting introduced to a large number of available singles. Online Dating For Dummies shows you how to get your feet wet and how to dive in, making informed choices and exercising good judgment as you

Sign up for a trial run on a dating site
Try to describe yourself for your personal profile
Initiate your first e-mail contact
Make your first in-person meeting memorable
Identify frauds and players
Figure out what not to do if you really want to meet someone

Jumping into online dating with no preparation at all is possible – but not practical. If you follow the techniques in this friendly guide, your odds of meeting great potential matches will greatly improve, and you’ll have far more fun in the process.

Online Dating Training

Become a Master of Digital Seduction! Get Girls with Facebook, Tinder & Instagram (Online Dating For Men, Online Dating Tips, Tinder, Facebook Dating)
by Robert Moore

Right now, in your hands…

…You have a powerful tool to meet and attract new women in your life!

★Read This Book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Download Now!★

No, I’m not talking about your D. The powerful tool is your phone – or your PC! Just imagine how great would it be to know EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY to persuade that hot girl to come home with you… – just by chatting online!

Online Dating Training – Become a Master of Digital Seduction! is here to help! This book will help you save time, energy and money as it gives you all the most important techniques and strategies for you to build a badass profile, attract new girls and… f*ck them in real life!

In this book you will find:

•The Best Online Dating Websites, where you can find all kinds of horny women!
•Facebook Seduction on Steroids: a step-by-step guide to building a profile that screams BADASSERY!
•How to Find Fvck Buddies on Facebook: a simple process that works anytime, with anyone!
• Secret Routines to become a master of the art of Chatting – instantly!
•… and much more!

The online dating world is highly competitive, that is why it is so important for you to know all the things that you should do and should not do in order to be successful!

This book will teach you how to build a bulletproof, charming, unique profile that will attract new girls and relight the fire of passion in the women in your life. Your message reply rate will skyrocket… your inbox will be full and your dating life will be as busy as you want it. In two words: MORE DATES.

So get your own copy of Online Dating Training TODAY!

It will be the best decision you ever make!

Good luck my friend!

Dating Advice for Women

How to Attract Men, Know What to Say, and Get the Man You Want (Online Dating Book 1)
by Brianna Anderson

Dating Advice, Online Dating for Women

Are you still looking for the man of your dreams? Have dating problems become a burden for you? Dating Advice for Women: How to Attract Men, Know What to Say, and Get the Man You Want can help!

This book will take you through every stage of dating. You’ll learn:
• How to examine your potential date through social media sites
• How to decide where to go if your date wants you to choose
• What to wear to certain types of outings
• What questions to ask once you go on the date

This book will also give you advice on
• Proper dating etiquette
• How to end a date depending on how you felt about it
• Dating safety

It’s not easy to find the best lover on each date. With today’s online world of dating, dating can even be frightening. This book will help you find someone you really enjoy being around, and get the man you want.

Download Dating Advice for Women today!

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Blueprint for Internet Dating

ONLINE DATING: Learn to Create Your Unique, Personal Relationship Blueprint for Internet Dating
by Carolyn Carayannis



Successful Relationships for individuals begin with strong, internal, personal foundations.

Whether you are young or old, successful relationships, and online dating outcomes depend upon your ability to set yourself up for success. Concrete goals and intentions, a clear understanding about the kind of relationship you desire, and the important qualities you yearn for from that particular association or significant other are unparalleled.

Your ability to ascertain your personal relationship strengths and limitations, understand your intrinsic relationship style and discriminate between the numerous online dating services, and potential personal associations is paramount for successful liaisons, and to make safe, informed decisions as to which services and individuals are best suited for you.


Have those relationships been weak and crumbly?

Do you vacillate about your desires, and your relationship goals and intentions?

Do you know your personal relationship strengths and limitations?

Do you know your intrinsic relationship style?

Do you lack self-confidence and a self-assured direction when it comes to creating your personal profile & interrelationship decisions?

Do you find the process of creating an online dating profile challenging?

Do you lack cyber safety savvy?


What you are about to discover:

1. You will learn: How to create your Unique, Personal Relationship Blueprint for Internet dating Dating.

2. You will learn: The Secret to Creating a Killer Online Dating Profile.

3. You will learn: How to Identify Your Intrinsic Relationship Style.

4. You will learn: How to Evaluate Your Relationship Strengths & Limitations.

5. You will learn: How to Evaluate Online Dating Providers & Their Cyber Safety.

6. You will learn: Cyber Safety Practices for Online Dating Profiles.

7. You will learn: How to Choose Safe, Reputable Internet Dating Providers That Suite Your Intrinsic Relationship Style .

8. You will learn: The Negotiable & Nonnegotiable Qualities you desire for your prospective associations.

9. You will learn: Your Deal Breakers.

and much, much more!

Download your copy today!
Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

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Love at First Click

The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating
by Laurie Davis

One in five relationships starts on an online dating site, but little straightforward guidance exists for users. Enter digital dating whisperer Laurie Davis . . .

In a world where we communicate as much via texts as we do through body language, this book empowers readers to log on and double click for love, taking them through the journey all online daters face—from choosing the right site, creating a profile, and navigating dates, to logging off with their perfect match.

Love @ First Click is every online dater’s guide to exploring the web with no-fail techniques. For example, uploading the right photos can attract someone who might otherwise pass you over. Setting a time limit on the first meet-up can leave your date excited to see you again. And the phrasing in your date’s thank-you text after dinner can uncover how your click mate really feels about you.

Whether you’re a digital dating vet or virgin, this is the ultimate guide to online dating that will take your online crush to offline love.

How to Be Single and Happy

Science-Based Strategies for Keeping Your Sanity While Looking for a Soul Mate
by Jennifer Taitz

Single, less stressed, and free

If you’re tired of swiping through dating apps, ghosting, and hearing well-meaning questions about why you’re still single, it’s hard not to feel “less-than” because you haven’t found your soul mate.

Until now.

How to Be Single and Happy is an empowering, compassionate guide to stop overanalyzing romantic encounters, get over regrets or guilt about past relationships, and identify what you want and need in a partner. But this isn’t just another dating book. Drawing on her extensive expertise as a clinical psychologist, as well as the latest research, hundreds of patient interviews, and key principles in positive psychology, Dr. Jennifer Taitz challenges the most common myths about women and love (like the advice to play hard to get). And while she teaches how to skillfully date, she’ll also help you cultivate the mindset, values, and connections that ensure you’ll live your best, happiest life, whether single or coupled up.

Beginners’ Guide to Online Dating

Online Dating: The Beginners’ Guide to Online Dating: How to Create a Profile That Gets Noticed and Navigate Internet Dating & Relationships.
by Rebecca Hopewell

The Beginners’ Guide to Online Dating

How to Create a Profile That Gets Noticed and Navigate Internet Dating & Relationships

This book is packed with helpful and practical advice that will give you an edge in online dating.

Online dating can be overwhelming and intimidating for some. But because people all over the world are constantly signing up for online dating accounts, online dating can also be fun and exciting.

Learn how to sign up and post the right pictures and learn the secret to putting the best version of yourself out there. You don’t need to completely change who you are to impress people online. You just need to be open to the idea of online dating and how it can help you find your true love.
Stats you need to know about online dating
How to choose the right online dating site for you
Posting the perfect profile picture
Tips for writing your online profile
Tips for writing the perfect first message
Security and safety tips for online dating
And, much, much more!

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Asperger Syndrome Dating

What Men with Asperger Syndrome Want to Know About Women, Dating and Relationships
by Maxine Aston and Tony Attwood

Positive, practical and realistic, this book offers a wealth of information on women, dating and relationships for men with Asperger Syndrome (AS).

Many AS men are totally confused and bewildered by women and relationships and find it hard to know what to do, what to say and how to get it right. For these men, understanding the emotional side to relationships and women’s needs can be a complete mystery and they often get it disastrously wrong. This practical handbook provides the answers to Asperger men’s most frequently asked questions about women, dating and relationships, helping them to understand the way relationships work and increasing their confidence and ability to have successful relationships.

This comprehensive handbook is essential reading for men with Asperger Syndrome (and their partners). It will also be of immeasurable use to counsellors and other professionals working with such individuals.

Looking for Love Online

The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online
by Julie Spira

The Perils of Cyber Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online (2nd edition) follows Online Dating Expert Julie Spira’s journey in cyberspace. This revised edition includes a new epilogue with a digital twist and a fairy tale ending. This best-selling book is filled with heartfelt, witty, and hilarious stories.

Julie Spira, a pioneer in the Internet industry, became the first on her block to post an online dating profile. You’ll follow her journey as she skillfully navigates the web, hoping to replace what she once thought was the love of her life with a new Internet mate.

Combining her fairytale romances and disappointing heartbreaks, with her personal “rules of netiquette,” Spira provides priceless knowledge about the most effective ways to date online.

Praise for The Perils of Cyber-Dating

“Hilariously Funny! Singles of all ages need to read this book.”
~ Joan Rivers, Comedienne and Best Selling Author

“It’s like Sex and The City in a Web 2.0 World.”
~E. Jean Carroll, Columnist, “Ask E. Jean” Elle Magazine

“This book is a must for this generation of singles, both male and female, who are into cyber-dating. It is possible to find someone if you know the rules.”
~ Dane Robert Swanson, Santa Monica Daily Press

“Anyone who has ever tried online dating will relate to Julie Spira’s stories and not feel alone. The Perils of Cyber-Dating gives hope to singles everywhere with an email address that they can successfully meet someone online.”
~ Dr. Pat Allen, Author of the best-seller of Getting to “I Do”

“I’ve seen too many women put in jeopardy by unscrupulous Internet dating contacts. That’s why this book is your must-have navigation guide to help you safely travel through the perilous landscape of cyber-dating. Plus, Spira’s personal stories are a hoot and a half!”
~ Diane Dimond, Journalist and Author

“For the millions of singles searching for love online, author Julie Spira imparts cyber-dating savoir faire, interspersed with her outrageously hilarious virtual experiences. With more than 250 dates under her belt in less than 15 years, Ms. Spira is a matchmaking maven who offers the right tips and pointers to help you get lucky in love online.”

“Julie Spira tells a compelling story, shares intimate moments, and transforms her experience into means of larger good.”
~ Veronica De Laurentiis, Best-selling Author of Rivoglio La Mia Vita

“Thank goodness there are still hopeful romantics left in this world!”
~ Cheryl Woodcock, Producer and Correspondent, Entertainment Tonight-The Insider

“Online dating memberships should come with a handbook and many doses of humor. Julie Spira provides both. A wonderful companion for singles looking for love online.”
~ Julie Ferman, Founder, Cupid’s Coach

“There are always telltale signs whether or not a man is “The One”. Read this book and learn from Julie so you won’t be caught in a “Bermuda triangle” of Internet dating.”
~ Donna Sozio, Yahoo! personals dating expert and author of Never Trust a Man in Alligator Loafers

Love Factually

The Science of Who, How and Why We Love
by Laura Mucha

As featured on Sunday Brunch and Woman’s Hour

‘Laura Mucha has found the proof that love actually is all around.’ Richard Curtis

Poets, philosophers and artists have been trying to explain romantic love for centuries, but it remains one of the most complex and intimidating terrains to navigate. Most people are afraid to be open and honest about their relationships – until now.

For Love Factually, Laura Mucha has interviewed hundreds of strangers, from the ages of 8 to 95 in more than 40 countries, asking them to share their most personal stories, feelings and insights about love. These intimate and illuminating conversations raised important questions, such as:

– How does your upbringing influence your relationships?
– Does love at first sight exist? Should you ‘just know’?
– What should you look for in a partner?
– Is monogamy natural?
– Why do people cheat?
– How do you know when it’s time to walk away?

Drawing on psychology, philosophy, anthropology and statistics, Love Factually combines evidence, theory and everyday experience and is the perfect read for anyone who is curious about how we think, feel and behave when it comes to love.

Expert Tinder Strategy

Online Dating – Expert Tinder Strategy: How to Pick Up Girls on Tinder and Happn Without Dating: A man’s guide to casual sex from dating apps while avoiding … fakes and even dates (Player Mastermind)
by Player Mastermind

Updated edition ofthe most straight forward, hardcore and direct guide to Tinder available…

In Online Dating: Expert Tinder Strategy Player Mastermind introduces you to the most efficient methods of using online dating apps like Tinder and Happn to have casual sex and even group sex with different women without wasting your time in going through loads of needless conversations or unnecessary dating rituals.

For the first time and after repeat requests, PM has revealed his whole knowledge and game-plan that allowed him to completely boycott all dates, have girls talking dirty to each other over the phone, have threesomes at his place and in public, and not spend any money or waste any significant amount of time in the process.

In this book, you will learn the following:

The differences between offline and online dating and how that should dictate how you use phone apps

The ways that women use Tinder and how this crucially determines whether your profile is letting you down or not

The real ways of identifying a strong profile and leveraging it to your advantage

How to cut out chit chat and wasted time that prevents you from meeting your best prospects before they leave the platform altogether

How to use other applications to take the interaction to the bedroom rather than needless dating

How to stand out from the huge crowd of nice guys with your true masculine identity

How to identify fake profiles, catfish, and other scams that are regularly fooling other men on the app

How to handle the regular false excuses that women have for coming straight over to your house for sex

How to set the foundation for taking things to the next level sexually… Right from the very beginning

This is the guide for men looking to take the real direct game online and add an extra abundance of sexual partners to their life without it turning into a full time job of texting, trying to be entertaining, using dumb openers or pickup lines, only to waste too much time for poor results.

What other are saying about Expert Tinder Strategy…

“Great read and very interesting approach… Even had me cracking up! I’m definitely going to tweak the way I do things now…” ~ M.S.

“Well written and great content… I love the focus on not wasting time” ~ P.N.

“I don’t know how you’re doing this… Where do you even meet these girls?” ~ C.B.

Expert Tinder Strategy is the ultimate guide to Tinder if you’re looking to stop getting played, stop ruining your chances, and start a new beginning of being confident and direct in the new world of online dating.

The Catch Your Match Formula

How To Create An Online Dating Profile That Really Gets Results!
by Dave Elliott

Every year, people throw more than $1 BILLION into online dating – but 80% of those people come up empty-handed, frustrated, disillusioned and even broken-hearted. But it’s not because online dating doesn’t work…

Online dating DOES work! It’s bad dating profiles that don’t work!

If you want to create an online dating profile that gets results, you’re going to fall in love with The Catch Your Match Formula(tm). Written by international relationship expert and dating coach, Dave Elliott, this book is a must have if you want to stop wasting time and draw in the right prospects while weeding out the wrong ones. It also helps you articulate what you want – and what you don’t – in an incredibly compelling and articulate way so that great prospects seek out and pursue you!

Dave wrote this innovative and ground-breaking new book after watching too many of his clients struggle in frustration. After one look at their profiles, he knew why. Online daters seldom realize that their dating profiles are ADVERTISEMENTS and an ad that doesn’t GENERATE A RESPONSE is a useless waste of time, money and effort! Most people fill their profiles with a bunch of random wants, needs, demands and complaints that interest no one. Is it any wonder why they’re failing?

In this powerfully simple new book, Dave Elliott uses his expertise in human motivational psychology and relationship coaching – plus his nearly 25 years of experience as an award-winning ad agency writer and producer – to help you defy the odds and discover the secret to finding love online: It’s a lot easier to Catch Your Match when you finally realize you’re the one who’s a great catch! Pick up this book today and start creating a love story of your own…the kind that comes with a very happy ending!


by Kristin Rockaway

Swipe right for love. Swipe left for disaster.

By day, Mel Strickland is an underemployed helpdesk tech at a startup incubator, Hatch, where she helps entitled brogrammers–“Hatchlings”–who can’t even fix their own laptops, but are apparently the next wave of startup geniuses. And by night, she goes on bad dates with misbehaving dudes she’s matched with on the ubiquitous dating app, Fluttr.

But after one dick pic too many, Mel has had it. Using her brilliant coding skills, she designs an app of her own, one that allows users to log harrassers and abusers in online dating space. It’s called JerkAlert, and it goes viral overnight.

Mel is suddenly in way over her head. Worse still, her almost-boyfriend, the dreamy Alex Hernandez–the only non-douchey guy at Hatch–has no idea she’s the brains behind the app. Soon, Mel is faced with a terrible choice: one that could destroy her career, love life, and friendships, or change her life forever.

A Smart Women’s Secret

Dating: A Smart Women’s Secret in the Law of Attraction, Being Irresistible, and Finding Relationships and True Love on the Internet (A Guide on Online … Advice, and Attracting Alpha Male)
by Shea Hendricks

Ready to Find the Love of Your Life? Proven and Tested Advice on How to Attract the Right Guy Who Loves You, A Smart Women’s Secret in Attracting Mr. Right, Being Irresistible, and Finding Relationships and True Love on the Internet!

Have you been longing to start a lasting relationship with that person who you really connects with? Do you feel lonely sometimes and want to have deep conversations rather than small talks? This book is a great guide for you if you’re tired of playing games and just want to find that special someone to start a fulfilling relationship with.

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to find the right guy to be in a relationship, but only to stumble across over and over on guys who are nothing like him. Why do women have to endure the endless cycle of wrong guys before she even comes close to meeting the right person? Dating can be daunting and discouraging, and many give up in the process in hope that love will come knocking on their door some day. Being willing to go after love is essential but you have to have the right strategies without turning it into games. You can find them all in this book by award winning author and speaker Shea Hendricks!

“Dating” contains the proven methods and strategies to find “Mr. Right”. It’s true that there are many fish in the sea, but knowing which ones you should and shouldn’t eat before catching them is more than essential.

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Matchmakers Book 1
by Declan Rhodes

Hot-shot lawyer Hank Donovan and motorcycle maintenance man Lucas Dean were hopelessly mismatched until a lakeside kiss, a death in the family, and a little girl named Jasmine turned their world upside down.

Lucas Dean, owner of Cycle Shift, a motorcycle maintenance and second-hand shop, wants a match who’s as much of a free-spirit as he is, and someday he wants to be a father. His business partner, Jerry, thinks Match Made is the perfect way to find the dream partner.

Hank Donovan, one of the hottest names on the local legal scene, is lonely, although he’s the last to admit it. He buries his fears that he’ll never find a man in courtroom success and a stunning view of Lake Michigan from his living room window. Kids are out of the question, but there must be a single man out there who can bring Hank his happily ever after.

When Daniel and Blake match up Hank and Luke, it’s a guaranteed success. Or it was supposed to be, if it weren’t for the computer error that put the mismatched pair together for a disastrous first date.

A last-ditch second-chance outing puts the wheels of fate into motion, and they just might cure Hank’s loneliness, make Luke a dad, and give a precocious little girl named Jasmine a permanent home.

Mismatched is a 53,000-word gay romance. It’s the first book in the Matchmakers series. The book includes steamy scenes and a guaranteed happily-ever-after ending.

Men Guide To Online Dating

Dating: Attract BEE To BEEHIVE, Men Guide And Advice To Online Dating To Attract Women You Want: Effective Strategies To Get A Girl Out On A Date With … Women, Book, Men, Dating Game, Love, Tips)
by Bill Guru

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Are you tried not getting a date which you like? Frustrated about not knowing what to say? Not sure what you are doing wrong with your online profile? Do your messages just seem to go into black holes? Would you like to be able to know exactly what to say to create an emotion spike? So they reply your message, and you can smoothly set up a date?

If so, this book is what you need to guarantee your online dating success. You’ll learn how to take advantage effectively of all the tools at your disposal to make you stand out from the crowd. Using these simple steps and strategies you can start getting results immediately and give yourself the competitive edge!

This book contains proven steps and strategies where you’ll discover the secret that only a few men know. You’ll master how to get a girl to reply to your message and get dates and get laid. It’s not a rocket science once you understand the female psychology you’ll know exactly know how to spike her emotion get her to message you and to get her begging to see you. You’ll learn what to say and how to say it.

Here is what you’ll learn and have copy/paste templates to get you instant result.

You’ll discover how you can utilize the online dating to help you find a perfect partner online.
The benefits of dating online
Pitfalls that you must avoid
Cut your learning curve to half
Making constant great impression
How you can set the right frame right from the back whatever your motive may be
Crafting a polarizing profile that gets women attention
Importance of picking the right picture
Know what’s going inside her head
How to get her to trust you fully and get attracted to Step by step guide to get you from a stranger to meeting up on a date and more..
Asking for a date without sounding needy or desperate
Effective way to continue conversation if she suddenly stops replying
Handling bad logistics
Common pitfalls to avoid and quick fixes
Having a winner mindset
And much more…

Download your copy today!

Don’t waste any more of your valuable time feeling frustrated doing the same things that are not giving you any results. Like everything you have to put in time and effort. It is not going to be straightforward but with the tips in this book you can surely cut your learning curve and save your time learning from trial and error. You will learn exactly step by step how you can too dominate online dating for less than the price of a cup of coffee! Follow this system in this book and you can thank me later.

Steps to Online Dating Success

by Kim Komando

Looking for love? Scared to jump into the world of online dating? Let me help. In my new eBook, “7 Steps to Online Dating Success,” I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to get the most out of online dating apps and services — and potentially meet that special someone, safely!

I’ll show you which platform is best for you, plus teach you how to set up a secure profile that won’t compromise your security or give away too much of your personal information. Don’t take on the dating world alone — take my trusted advice.

Master Online Dating

100 Secrets to Online Dating Success
by Chase Coleman

Are you ready to cut through the online dating noise and find a meaningful connection with someone? Master Online Dating: 100 Secrets To Online Dating Success , is a step-by-step guide that will lead you through the process of profile creation, the art of pursuit, engaging in conversation, seamlessly moving along sexually, keeping your date wanting more, navigating dating when you have children, and staying safe, to name a few.

With both “His” and “Hers” sections in Chase Coleman’s new online dating guide, he examines dating from both viewpoints. His 100 secrets shows both sexes how to get what they want from the world of online dating.

As more and more people turn to the internet to find love, dating sites and social networking have married that search for romance with technological innovation.

Now, love may be only a click away. Are you ready to find out?

Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Secrets of Fun Online Chat Game and Getting Your Ex-Girlfriend Back: How to Never Be Boring In Texting a Woman and the Best Ways to Get a Girl Back — No More Mr Nice Guy (Men’s Dating Advice Book 4)
by J. Covey

3-In-1 Book. Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back Like a Real Man Who Knows How Women Truly Work and How to Press the Right Emotional Buttons Via Text Until She Crawls Back to Have You Again
Inside this comprehensive book is “TEXT GAME –The iLast– Creative Couples’ Fun Word Chat to Play with Your Girlfriend or Wife On WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Twitter, Etc.,”


“THE 3 BLUNT SECRETS: Men’s Three Secrets of Confidence, Sex, and Wealth YOU Must Know as a Man or Suffer the Consequences for the Rest of Your Life,”


“IGNORE THE GIRL GET THE WOMAN: Men’s Dating & Relationship Secret on How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Crawling Back in 25 Days Without Begging Like Mr. Nice Guy.”

★BONUS★: Purchase the Paperback version today and you’ll get the Kindle version instantly and absolutely FREE★

Warning: This book is not for women — only for men.

This book is for YOU, a man who wants to master how to get his woman back in no time.

If you want the bad boys/real men’s ex back skill on how to make her yearn for you and for her to reconcile and make the relationship last, then this is 100% for you. Only a few men know what you’re about to discover, so count yourself lucky and get ready.

Please, don’t abuse what you’re about to discover — they never fail and some people even think it’s mind control, but no, it’s just a secret most men don’t know about when it comes to getting their ex-girlfriends back, but you will know ALL of them soon. You must promise not to use it to hurt women.

Are you dumb? I hope not. Why are you acting so irrational because of her? This book is not to pet you to stop crying or hurting, but to whop your ass so you can wake to reality and smile for the rest of your life in dating and getting your ex back like a real man.

This is a bad boy’s guide to getting your ex back with foolproof. I’m not here to sugarcoat the secret, but to give you the entire secret box. This is to say, you’ll finally get all you need to get her back in no time.

Getting your ex back is a game. If you can’t play the game, you can’t win the match. If you hate the word “game,” you should also hate the word “relationship and sex.” Why not you stick to masturbation for the rest of your life?

If you’re not playing the game, someone else is. She probably is. I understand you want your ex back and at the same time, you are also thinking of moving on to something better.

No, a spirit keeps telling you she’s still the one. Please, don’t let any spirit or instinct deceive you. At the end of this book, you’ll get your ex-girlfriend back, but before that, I need to punish you for a mistake you just made.

“What is the mistake?” you asked. Calm down, I’ll reveal it to you soon and you’ll be shocked. I have noticed a lot of men or women try to teach people how to get their exes back and they focus mainly on “No Contact Rule,” “Make Them Jealous,” and “Work on Yourself.”

Yes, they are right, but there is something missing which will make all the difference and in this book, you’ll finally search no more. This is 100% guaranteed to get your ex back as long as you do as you’re told and not cry like a toad.

Men are going through a lot in this modern world where women claimed they run the world. For nice guys, yes, but for real men, no. I’ll give you the only key and secrets you’ll ever need to get your ex-girlfriend back and not just that…

Before you scroll up and click the BUY NOW button, it’s good to know what is inside this book works – guaranteed!

Would you rather learn and master how to get her back now or wait till another man takes her forever away from you?

“Never worry about action, but only inaction.” — Winston Churchill

Take action right now by scrolling up and getting yourself your personal copy.

Online Dating Scams

The Beautiful Architecture. Candid stories narrated by Eastern European girls.
by Douglas Jansen

We have compiled the pieces of advice given by the most sensible girls, who had given the question a serious thought, in this book. Each one of the 73 gave her own recommendations and shared her observations.
The dating industry is a very intricate and unpredictable sphere, in which deception and dangers can be found at every turn.
Would you like to have 73 girls as your allies to give you the best pieces of advice possible? Then go on to read: they have done their best and given a thought to their answers to prevent you from the deception.

Successful Online Dating by Chuck Miller

The Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Online Dating
by Chuck Miller

Online Dating Offers AMAZING Opportunities to Find Love
Following These Do’s and Don’ts Will Help!

Once a cultural taboo, Internet dating has become more widespread and socially acceptable with each passing year. To date, more than 49 million Americans have pursued a relationship online with 20 percent of present, committed relationships beginning through the same venue. However, not everyone gets it right when they begin to date online. That’s the reason for this guide. It points out the most important practices to implement and those to avoid in order to jumpstart your online dating adventure.
The Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Online Dating Includes…

♥︎ Guidance in selecting the best venue for finding the love of your life.
♥︎ Dating safely tips to protect you from devious and unscrupulous characters.
♥︎ Suggestions for creating an honest profile that accurately represents you.
♥︎ Recommendations on best practices for making a positive impression.
♥︎ Assistance in making informed decisions as you evaluate potential matches.
♥︎ Pointers on what to share with others and what should remain confidential.
About the Author, Chuck Miller

Author of Discovering Love Online: Love May Be Closer Than You Think, founder of indie publishing house Propeller Cap, LLC and a former singles ministry director, Chuck Miller brings a diverse background and nearly four decades of experience as a journalist, editor, publisher and pastor to his written portfolio.
Get a Head Start in Online Dating!

Packed with helpful advice, The Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Online Dating offers to jumpstart your quest to find the love of your life. Scroll to the top of the page and order your copy today!

Online Dating by Juliet Newman

Online Dating: Plenty of Pollocks, Flounders & Catfish
by Juliet Newman

this is a book about online dating . I describe my own experiences and those of some of my friends. I hope the book has both funny and serious moments and gives a fairly cynical view of meeting the love of your life through a swipe of the hand or click of the mouse.

Online Dating For Women Over 40

The Hopeful Woman’s 10 Step Guide to Enjoyment and Success
by Christie Jordan

This comprehensive guide is packed with practical advice for women who want the most positive results with online dating. It will teach you how to optimize your online presence with step-by-step, easy to use guidelines covering the entire process, from choosing a dating site, to putting up a compelling profile that attracts the men you want, to arranging enjoyable first dates. You’ll get realistic advice about personal security, money, safe sex, promoting your profile and knowing your must-haves and deal-breakers for your next relationship.

Every month millions of women are on dating websites hoping to manage this mysterious 21st Century method of finding love. Are you one of those who have been disappointed? You can change that starting now! Whether you’re an online veteran or just thinking about trying, this book will give you the tools you need to create a positive experience.

Women over 40 are the fasting growing group online. The Hopeful Woman’s 10 Step Guide can help women of any age but if you’re over 40, you’ll find unique and valuable insights about divorce, children, time management, planning a successful social life, weight and fitness, being sexually active and staying safe, and advice about paying for the first date.

• Learn how to write the most compelling profiles with opening sentences that grab attention and how to chose the best selection of photos. And get dozens of sample emails you can use to feel comfortable promoting your profile.

• Find out how to decode a man’s profile so you don’t make uninformed choices and go down dead-end paths with inappropriate dates. Learn the best ways to respond to all ways men contact you online.

• Go behind the scenes of the billion-dollar online dating business and chose the best dating site for you from an up-to-date list of the most popular, active sites.

• Discover the No-Fail Formula for creating enjoyable first dates and get tips on how to plan “meet and greet” activities that fit every budget. Never be disappointed again with the quality of the time you spend on a first date!

• Get essential resources you can use for social background checks and guidelines on how to research the men you want to meet.

• Safe Sex
• Weight, body size and fitness
• Monogamy
• Money


“If you want to optimize your dating life, this book is a must-read.” — Shannon Edwards, Theater Producer

“If you read one guide to online dating, make it this one! It’s packed with practical advice and how-to wisdom you can use right now to get started.” — Norma Armon, PdD, Communication Executive

“This book can help make a real difference in your quest for a better online dating experience. It’s like having a savvy big sister who has put loads of great information into easy-to-digest segments just for you, and it comes along with a measure of warm support.” — Laura Kaufman, Journalist

“The most comprehensive and informative sourcebook about online dating….Expertly organized and chock-full of helpful tips and insights.” — Lianna Clemons, CEO, Beauty Products Company

“Christie Jordan’s witty perspective helps women take the plunge into the modern era of online dating. She offers valuable and ingenuous tips, providing the best opportunities for success.” — Valerie Hotz, Nonprofit Executive Director

“With this book you’ll learn why setting up a profile is like launching your personal brand. It teaches you how to create your most appealing online presence to attract the kind of visitors you want. Then you get practical stragegies and dozens of sample emails to move the connection forward to an enjoyable first meeting.” — Elaine Jackson, Author, Editor

Online Dating Experiences

Online Dating: The Rules of Engagement: A Recap of my Online Dating Experiences
by Bruce Grant

At 46 years of age Bruce Grant found himself suddenly single after a marriage separation he did not see coming. A father of three preteen children where and how was he going to meet a woman? His journey into the online dating world is filled with humour, despair, disappointment, some fun times and a realization of why he was really there. Learn from his dating experiences and mistakes. Learn how a man balanced a career and his role as a dad while dating many women over a 12 year period. The Rules of Engagement is a must read for anyone entering the world of online dating. The stories of Bruce’s dating exploits all happened and the end may surprise you.