Free Golf Lesson

Even after playing the game for years (decades?) you never know what’s going to happen each time you step foot on the golf course. Personally speaking, it is this “unknown” aspect of golf that makes the game the most exciting sport to play, and nerve wracking too! I try to hit a full round at my local course at least three times per week and every game I play is an entirely new experience altogether.

Because of the hundreds of unexpected shots that golf brings you, it is imperative that you take advantage of your practice time. Regular practice is the only way that you can experience some of the irregular situations your golf ball may get into. And speaking of practice, the best advice that I can give is to start utilizing unconventional approaches to your golf game.

What Does Unconventional Practice Mean?

Far too many players spend the majority of their time hitting long distance shots at the golf range, with a small percentage attacking their basic short game shots. Either way, neither one of these approaches practiced 100% of the time will present you with the opportunity to make those strange and undesirable shots that a real golf game will inevitably give you.

Free Golf Lesson: Look Away

To give you a perfect example of an unconventional practice shot, here is a lesson that can help you keep your head down and eyes on the ball when initiating your swing when your ball is in a troubled spot.

Step 1: First take your stance to the right side of the ball if you are left handed, and to the left side of the ball if you are a righty. Now face away from the target. Not looking directly at the target may seem awkward at first, but go with it, relax, and loosen up your body.

Step 2: Now hold the club (whichever you like) with it extended downwards from your most dominant hand. The blade should be pointing towards the ground, directly at your feet.

Step 3: Next, place the blade of your club behind the golf ball and turn your head slightly back in order to properly aim your shot.

Step 4: Pull the club upwards while extending it forward. Then swing the club down and along your target line as best possible. Follow through as far as you possible can.

Step 5: Resist the urge to turn around to see the end result. Simply concentrate on following through and getting the ball back in to play towards the green.

We “older” golfers tend to forget basics, and/or ignore them…. Don’t, it’s always a good idea to get back to them regularly.