DriveNow UK – London Car Sharing

Car Sharing of the BMW Group and Daimler AG

DriveNow is now part of SHARE NOW, which is the car sharing area of the new mobility joint-venture of the BMW Group and Daimler AG. DriveNow was founded in 2011 as a joint venture and is now part of SHARE NOW since February, 2019. The car sharing provider offers customers the flexible use of current BMW and MINI models for a price per minute starting at 33 pence – without any fixed rental car stations. DriveNow car sharing customers can choose any vehicle model to fit their current requirements at any time, pick it up anywhere and use it for as long they like. DriveNow offers car sharing in the premium segment of the market and differs by direct comparison with other car sharing companies principally in its extensive, high-quality and diverse vehicle fleet consisting of the latest BMW and MINI models as well as its innovative Free Floating concept. All you have to do to participate in this premium car sharing offer unique to London is register and obtain a DriveNow ID. You can easily find the car of your choice by smartphone and reserve it free of charge for 15 minutes.

Over one million registered DriveNow customers already have access to a fleet of over 6,000 BMW and MINI models, 970 of these being all-electric, in the following 13 cities in Europe:

Munich – Hamburg – Berlin – Cologne – Düsseldorf – London – Copenhagen – Brussels – Vienna – Milan – Lisbon – Helsinki – Budapest

Benefits for users in London

Access to over 700 of the very latest BMW and MINI cars
Get on your way from 33 p/min with DriveNow’s totally flexible offer
Choose to drive by the minute, hour or day
Parking, fuel, insurance and car tax are all included in the price
No ongoing monthly or annual fees
No parking ticket needed, the cars can simply be parked within the business area: “Jump in anywhere, leave it anywhere”
Innovative Free Floating concept not dependent on pick-up stations: that means no need for the car to be picked up or returned to a designated rental station

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