Expert Tinder Strategy

Online Dating – Expert Tinder Strategy: How to Pick Up Girls on Tinder and Happn Without Dating: A man’s guide to casual sex from dating apps while avoiding … fakes and even dates (Player Mastermind)
by Player Mastermind

Updated edition ofthe most straight forward, hardcore and direct guide to Tinder available…

In Online Dating: Expert Tinder Strategy Player Mastermind introduces you to the most efficient methods of using online dating apps like Tinder and Happn to have casual sex and even group sex with different women without wasting your time in going through loads of needless conversations or unnecessary dating rituals.

For the first time and after repeat requests, PM has revealed his whole knowledge and game-plan that allowed him to completely boycott all dates, have girls talking dirty to each other over the phone, have threesomes at his place and in public, and not spend any money or waste any significant amount of time in the process.

In this book, you will learn the following:

The differences between offline and online dating and how that should dictate how you use phone apps

The ways that women use Tinder and how this crucially determines whether your profile is letting you down or not

The real ways of identifying a strong profile and leveraging it to your advantage

How to cut out chit chat and wasted time that prevents you from meeting your best prospects before they leave the platform altogether

How to use other applications to take the interaction to the bedroom rather than needless dating

How to stand out from the huge crowd of nice guys with your true masculine identity

How to identify fake profiles, catfish, and other scams that are regularly fooling other men on the app

How to handle the regular false excuses that women have for coming straight over to your house for sex

How to set the foundation for taking things to the next level sexually… Right from the very beginning

This is the guide for men looking to take the real direct game online and add an extra abundance of sexual partners to their life without it turning into a full time job of texting, trying to be entertaining, using dumb openers or pickup lines, only to waste too much time for poor results.

What other are saying about Expert Tinder Strategy…

“Great read and very interesting approach… Even had me cracking up! I’m definitely going to tweak the way I do things now…” ~ M.S.

“Well written and great content… I love the focus on not wasting time” ~ P.N.

“I don’t know how you’re doing this… Where do you even meet these girls?” ~ C.B.

Expert Tinder Strategy is the ultimate guide to Tinder if you’re looking to stop getting played, stop ruining your chances, and start a new beginning of being confident and direct in the new world of online dating.