Fill Your Calendar with Dates

The Ultimate Online Dating Manual: Fill Your Calendar with Dates with the Women You Want to Meet
by Blackdragon

Written by Blackdragon, one of the most well known online dating experts in the world, this book is filled with the latest and most effective techniques for getting dates with women using online dating sites and apps. Taken from a decade of online dating experience from not only him, but thousands of men all over the world, the techniques you will learn in this book are the most effective you will find anywhere.

In this book, you will learn:

Extensively-tested do’s and don’ts for setting up your profile to maximize the odds of women messaging you.

Extensively-tested and proven techniques for having the best photos on your profile to pull the maximum number of women.

Exactly how to ask her for the date, and what to say that has the highest odds of making her say YES.

What to say and not say during messaging and text conversations so you don’t blow it.

How to reduce the odds of her flaking on you.

The pros, cons, and techniques regarding all of today’s top dating sites and apps.

How to avoid the biggest mistakes guys make with online dating that murder their chances of getting dates.

How to use online dating to achieve whatever goals you want, regardless if it’s to get a long-term companion or just play the field.

And much more!

You simply will not find a more comprehensive collection of real world online dating techniques anywhere else.