Health And Wellness

By reading food labels and making nutritious choices for their dogs, “pet parents” can help ensure that their canine companions enjoy longer, healthier and allergy-free lives.

More than 50 percent of dog owners feel their pet suffers from some sort of allergy. While such reactions can be caused by seasonal environmental factors, they are more likely caused by food sensitivities year-round.

Natural foods for dogs and cats made with human-grade ingredients can be an allergy remedy. Ingredients such as deboned meats free of added hormones and steroids, wholesome grains and fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs provide pets with the nutrients they need and flavor they love in the simplest and healthiest way possible.

Less is more when approaching existing allergy challenges or preventing them from occurring. Wellness Simple Food Solutions is the perfect example. It contains only five simple, balanced ingredients selected for their nutritional value and health benefits.

“The few ingredients that go into the Wellness Simple Food Solutions are all-natural and less likely to cause a reaction,” said Deborah Ellinger, President of Wellness. “We believe that a limited-ingredient, all-natural diet is the best approach to alleviating allergies.”

Wellness Simple Solutions and the full range of Wellness products are available only through local, independent and specialty pet retailers.