How To Attract Women

An Education In Online Dating: How To Attract Women In The Cyber Century
by Gary Gunn and De Haan,Daniel

The go to guide for attracting women in the cyber century – anyone one of us anywhere has the opportunity to log onto a dating site, set-up a profile and within a mere matter of moments be sending (as well as receiving) messages to women we have never even met. That in itself is empowering and that’s before we even know how to go about it in the best way.

But what if we did?

We believe that when reading this book, in the pages that follow we will be able to take the privilege of that power and use it to make the most of any opportunities that are about to come our way.

So whatever walk of life we currently find ourselves in, whether we are working away from home, recently single and back out on “the scene”, find ourselves relocating or relaunching our lives all over again, or even merely inexperienced and out there for the first time – if we learn the lessons this book is about to teach us, the power for us to choose as opposed to be chosen is about to become our own.

Included in our online dating guide for men:

A personal profile – creating a unique character and giving you a voice that comes alive from off the page which is truly appealing to members of the opposite sex. Not only that, but also simultaneously will convey an array of attraction triggers which we all search for in a potential partner. Your profile will paint a picture of who you are, yet leave that all important space for that most seductive quality – imagination!

Your online correspondence – giving you a template for your first e-mail with the objective of contacting your chosen profile direct. We will even show you a second follow-up e-mail in order to ascertain a telephone number so as not to waste your time. Not only that, but we will also steer you through the initial conversation once verbal contact has been arranged.

A photo format to follow catered for you – allowing you to shine in the brightest light online whilst portraying the best version of you. By following this 3 tier visual go-to-guide, you will be able to replicate that which is visualised by their mind’s eye whilst transporting all of the main enticement triggers to them online.
A corresponding username, log line and profile – we only ever make one first impression in this world. Therefore, from the username above the title that we demonstrate how you carefully construct to that one predominant dating logline, and which will demonstrate enough to know the person behind the smile is worth meeting.

An e-mail template system – containing a 3 step email plan that will enable you to specifically aim at the profiles you choose. Be privy to an e-mail template that separates you from the rest and allows you to take up pole position – leading from the front in knowing how to reply at that all important moment when a response has been received to your message.

An online dating protocol outline – once learnt, this alone will help you maintain your position at the top of the online dating tree by making you first on all of the major search engines. Also, avoiding all of the classic mistakes that most people make when dating online. Plus, a complete list of the do’s and don’ts of how to gain most from the online dating game.

All in all, the information here in this book is not something we stumbled upon but rather it has been compiled through trial and error, not only from our own experiences, but from others we’ve worked with who have had the same experiences you too are about to go through.