Internet Dating Secrets

Online Dating: 7 Internet Dating Secrets you Simply Must Know
by Craig Beck

Internet Dating is no longer the
preserve of the geeks and the
terminally uncool of a few years ago.
As the world becomes even more
connected and social media continues
to redefine the concept of ‘friendship’
more and more couples are meeting
via online dating websites.

Craig Beck is a former clinical hypnotist
and sales persuasion expert. When his
fourteen year marriage came to an
end he found himself back in the dating game. He quickly discovered the rules had completely changed since his high school days. No more plucking up the courage to approach a girl you liked, now she was free to inspect and critique you from the comfort of her own home.

Craig quickly realized that the vast majority of dating website members were making ‘relationship preventing’ mistakes in their profiles and photographs. In Online Dating he guides you through the secrets you simply MUST know if you want to find the man or woman of your dreams online.