Landing a Date

Online Dating: A Foolproof Guide to Landing a Date on the Internet
by Alan Murphy

The complete guide to successfully landing a date on the internet!

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Online dating was once frowned upon. Something that people kept hush-hush.
Times have changed. Big time.
The online dating world is now booming with record numbers of users signing up to websites looking for potential partners. Everyone is doing it – even celebrities like Halle Berry and Orlando Bloom.
The world has become much more open minded about online dating because it is so accessible and very convenient in our fast-paced lives. You can now log on to your computer, or simply pick up your smartphone, and connect with a potential partner in seconds.
A study conducted by Pew Center reveals last year that 11% of adults in the US have tried online dating. In the UK – where it is estimated 9.1 million singles live – it was found that about 5.7 million people used online dating websites in 2012 alone.
Globally speaking, the online dating industry increased in terms of revenue by 57% in 2012. More and more people are joining online dating websites – proving that hitting the web is a great way to meet new friends and potential partners.
‘Online Dating: A Foolproof Guide to Landing a Date on the Internet’ gives you all the tools and tips to stand out from the crowd and successfully land a date via the web. In this book you will learn:

•The best websites and apps to use
•How to make your profile magnetic – so that you have the best chance of sparking romance
•Tips on winning opening lines
•The best way to develop the chat after the ice has been broken – all the key do’s and don’ts
•How to make it right on the big date night
•….plus much more.

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