Matchmakers Book 1
by Declan Rhodes

Hot-shot lawyer Hank Donovan and motorcycle maintenance man Lucas Dean were hopelessly mismatched until a lakeside kiss, a death in the family, and a little girl named Jasmine turned their world upside down.

Lucas Dean, owner of Cycle Shift, a motorcycle maintenance and second-hand shop, wants a match who’s as much of a free-spirit as he is, and someday he wants to be a father. His business partner, Jerry, thinks Match Made is the perfect way to find the dream partner.

Hank Donovan, one of the hottest names on the local legal scene, is lonely, although he’s the last to admit it. He buries his fears that he’ll never find a man in courtroom success and a stunning view of Lake Michigan from his living room window. Kids are out of the question, but there must be a single man out there who can bring Hank his happily ever after.

When Daniel and Blake match up Hank and Luke, it’s a guaranteed success. Or it was supposed to be, if it weren’t for the computer error that put the mismatched pair together for a disastrous first date.

A last-ditch second-chance outing puts the wheels of fate into motion, and they just might cure Hank’s loneliness, make Luke a dad, and give a precocious little girl named Jasmine a permanent home.

Mismatched is a 53,000-word gay romance. It’s the first book in the Matchmakers series. The book includes steamy scenes and a guaranteed happily-ever-after ending.