Mitre Football

Football is a cultural movement. For some, it’s a source of utmost happiness. For Mitre, it’s way of life. That ball you kicked on your first day of school? It’s one of a million-odd success stories the Mitre team worked on together to bring a product – and with it, a passion – to life. With 200 years of footballing know-how Mitre was there for the game back then, we are here for it now. With the fans, on the terraces, in all weathers. On the pitch, at the training ground or down the pub. Purists, pundits, enthusiasts. Perfection is a tough job and we settle for nothing less. Football is played out of passion, dedication and commitment – and our craft is the sum of the history, emotions, thoughts, possibilities that live on in the game.

Our heritage:

Born in a leather tannery in Huddersfield in 1817, we have come from humble origins to the cutting edge of the biggest sport on the planet. Our industrial roots have bred a relentless focus on innovation and challenging the status quo to inspire the future of football.
Always part of the game’s evolution, Mitre was already stitching its first footballs when the world’s first football competition was established in 1888 – The Football League, now known as the English Football League (EFL) of whom we have had a partnership for over 40 years.
Mitre’s iconic Delta trademark on the Delta 1000 football became was of the most recognised in the game, from the Football League to school playgrounds and even in our homes with Subbuteo. The Delta trademark became further embedded in world football history when Mitre was the ball partner in the newly established Premier League in 1992 and until only recently has made a come-back being redesigned and rejuvenated for a new generation of players with the EFL and SPFL.
Mitre. Football is what we do.