Online Dating in China

WeChat & TanTan – Get Girls Chasing YOU! How to Meet Chinese Women, Get Dates, and Have Relationships? (Dating in Asia Book 1)
by SK Mishra

Welcome to Online Dating in China. The book helps you understand the mindset of Chinese girls better. By reading the book, you’ll discover how to get Asian/Chinese girls chasing YOU! You’ll learn how to meet Chinese women online, get dates, and have relationships. You’ll learn WeChat and TanTan dating Apps. Tips, Tricks, Rules & Secrets for Finding a Chinese Girlfriend. The book is for all the eligible singles who wish to explore dating and relationship dynamics in China. Discover online dating, relationship and sex in China.

In particular, the book includes:
1. Chinese Social Values and Marriage
2. Being a Foreigner in China
3. Why to Date a Chinese Woman?
4. A Typical Chinese Man
5. How to Impress a Chinese Woman?
6. Why Online Dating?
7. List of Online Dating Apps in China
8. WeChat Online Dating
9. TanTan Online Dating
10. OkCupid in China
11. Texting on Dating Apps
12. How to Ensure a Successful Date?
13. How to Communicate on a Date?
14. Logistics
15. Problems With Online Dating and Moving On
17. The Divorced Women
18. How to Have a One Night Stand (ONS)?
19. Fast or Slow?
20. Why Not To Date a Chinese Woman?
21. Why Did I Gave Up Online Dating?
22. Dating Phrases