Online Dating Stories

Keep Calm and Carry On Dating: 50 Online Dating Stories Based on People’s Real Life Experiences
by Jane Austin

Whilst there are internet dating books available, some written as guides or based on the author’s own dating experiences, none of them are quite like KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON DATING. Jane Austin interviewed around 40 people about their online dating encounters. Notes were taken, names and locations were changed and 50 short stories emerged, from ‘The Terminator’ to ‘Was She a Hooker?’.Whether you read ‘Sweet and Sour’ or ‘Algebra and Shakespeare’, each of Jane’s stories is unique. Some are funny, whilst others are downright shocking – but don’t despair, there’s a sprinkling of happy endings. Whether you have dabbled in the world of online dating or not, each story is sure to surprise.KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON DATING is an entertaining read, making it an ideal companion while you’re sunbathing by the pool on holiday – just don’t get too engrossed and forget to apply the sun cream. Plus it could well make you a little wiser before the next time you hastily arrange to meet up with the online Brad or Angelina of your dreams, who could well turn out to Barbie or Ken!