Online Dating: They Seek Erotic Thrills And Find Amazing Romantic Affairs (SWINGERS Book 33)
by Colette Fry

Peter is a tall, athletic young man happily married to Nicola, a slender 28-year old teacher with a good figure. He knows she is unhappy lately and he suggests they find a suitable couple on the Internet to invite home for drinks and then Swing. Nicola is excited at the idea of sleeping with another man for one night and she does not object to Peter taking the man’s wife to bed. However, when the erotic couple arrive they show how much they wish to Swing right away when Justin goes up to bed with Nicola, while Peter is still greeting Roxanne at the front door. Despite the unusual size of their guests, both Peter and Nicola enjoy the night’s pleasures. The second time they wish to Swing, Nicola selects a good-looking couple from Africa, who invite them to stay at their large home. The thrill of inter-racial sex excites them both and when Nicola meets Samuel, a large black singer with a wide smile and twinkling eyes she can’t wait for him to make love to her, which happens very much faster than she anticipates. Peter is aroused with Carmen’s curvaceous figure especially when she flirts with him on his lap during their first drink but after that, his evening goes awry although he has the most amazing intercourse of his life. The young couple enjoy the Swing nights with different partners but the aftermath of sleeping with midgets and then coloured Africans changes both their lives forever…

SWINGERS (Series) – Book 33
Online Dating: They Seek Erotic Thrills And Find Amazing Romantic Affairs is the thirty-third title in the series “Swingers” where couples swap their partners for one night of unbridled sex. Cities around the world are alive with Swinging and Wife-swapping, where you know get to know your partner before you spend the night with them, and there are various Key-parties or Panty-parties, where your partner may turn out to be a ravishing young beauty or an erotic granny! This fast growing fad was thought to have started in the 1960’s, but historical records show it thrived as far back as the Middle Ages!

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