The Guide To Mastering Online Dating

When It Clicks: The Guide To Mastering Online Dating
by Harris O’Malley

Master The Art of Online Dating

Do you feel as though you’ve been sending message after message and getting only silence in return? Do you you swipe right, but it seems like everyone else is swiping left? Or perhaps women seem interested, only to disappear without warning, while others seem to just want to be pen-pals instead of going on dates?

Then it’s time to fix all of that. Dating coach and relationship expert Harris O’Malley (AKA Dr. NerdLove) is here to teach you what it takes to succeed at online dating. There’re no head games, no magic bullets or gimmicks that don’t work and only annoy women. There’s no snake-oil here, just a proven system for learning how to put your best, most attractive and authentic self forward and getting the results you want.

When It Clicks will teach you what really works for getting the right kind of attention and walk you the process step by step, from picking your user name to how to turn those messages into a first – and second, and third – date.


How to write a dating profile that will make women stop and check you out

What makes perfect dating profile photo and how to show yourself off to your best effect

Why women don’t write back to 99.999% of the men who write them… and why they’ll respond to you

How to avoid the mistakes that men make in their dating profiles that make women hit the “block” button and swipe left

How to take the conversation from online to in person.

And so much more…

No matter whether you’re looking for a hook-up on Tinder or looking for the woman of your dreams on Match and OKCupid, When It Clicks is going to take the frustration out of dating and help you find the match you’ve been looking for.