Attract New Eyes

There are many ways to get your business noticed. Signs, flashing lights, bright building paint colors, banners, and window displays can all attract more customers to your establishment. But a new innovative method that many businesses are now using to get attention is the addition of flexible neon LED lighting to their building. Flexible neon lighting such as NeoFlex neon offers many benefits, dollar savings, and an easy way to spruce up an older building.

Uses for Flexible Neon LED Lighting

There are many uses for this unique type of neon lighting. You can decorate your building in a great way by installing the lighting around the entire building or storefront. Many businesses place the neon border tubing along the edges of building borders and roofs. In the windows, you can create unique neon signs for open/closed signs, slogans, special sales, or even the name of your business. You can also create amazing logos with the neon tubing.

These neon lights and signs not only attract attention while customers are entering your store or business, but they also attract attention from the highway, especially at night. The more people see your storefront, the better chance you’ll have of getting them to enter your store. You can get their attention with neon, and then make a special offer on a sign to bring in targeted customers.

These types of lights are great for car wash neon lighting, bar neon lights, stage lights, casino neon lights, and restaurants or pubs. They do wonders for hotels and condos, or any business that’s open after dark.

Benefits of Flexible Neon Lights

Using flexible neon LED lighting for architectural lighting offers numerous benefits. The tubing is bendable so it can be molded and shaped to fit almost any surface. It is easy to install, and many business owners install it on their own for smaller lighting projects. Flexible neon tubing can be cut to any length to meet any lighting need. Also, it is made with a thick rubber coating that protects it from weathering, vandals, or flying debris.

This type of lighting can be plugged into a regular 110-volt outlet, so no special power supplies are needed. Also, it is cost-efficient. You can save up to 80 percent in energy costs when compared with standard neon lighting. This lighting has up to 100,000 hours of life expectancy and is also cool to the touch.

Colors and Surfaces

There are also a variety of colors so you can match the neon lighting your business logo colors. These include red, purple, green, white, blue, yellow, and orange. You can decorate in one color or all “rainbow” colors if you want your business to really stand out.

Flexible neon LED lighting can be installed on several surface types such as wood, steel, plastic, and concrete. Up to 300 feet of continuous border tubing can be stretched along your building’s exterior or interior to create eye-catching building highlights.

If you’re searching for an affordable, but noticeable, way to draw more attention to your storefront, LED neon lighting is a great alternative lighting solution. Easy installation neon lighting gives your business its opportunity to shine!