Escape the Singles Trap

Online Dating: Escape the Singles Trap, Create The Perfect Profile For You, Easy Dating Profile Secrets To Get You Dating, How to make Tinder, POF, Happn etc Work For You
by Joe Ross and Online Dating

Whether you’ve dated online already and need some advice to raise your game or are completely new to online dating this book gives you a no-nonsense approach to meeting attractive women.

9 Reasons This Book will be your Go-To Guide to Successful Dating:

1) I cover a range of the most popular websites from Plenty of Fish to Tinder to Happn, show you how do they work, the best ones to choose and the ones to avoid.
2) I go into a quick and easy way to set up your profile – that play to YOUR STRENGTHS – this is probably the main reason for not getting the replies you want.
3) I take you through the process of taking that date WINNING main profile picture – this is why women click on your profile – what the framing should be, what you should be doing, and wearing – and crucially what you shouldn’t include.
3) Your backup pictures to get you replies – I then give examples of what your OTHER pictures should be – these images are doing the talking!
4) I go into filling out your ‘about me’ – this is a fantastic opportunity to get that girl jumping for the ‘message’ button. We’ll go through how to make yourself sound intriguing, so THEY’LL want to message and ask about you.
5) I offer advice for setting your parameters and how to go about searching so you’re not wasting your time and your money.
6) I give a list of the DREADFUL stereotypes that seem to lurk on dating sites now – and how we can separate ourselves from them – therefore rising to the top of the ‘most wanted’ list by women.
7) One of the hardest things – the opening message! I give you examples of how to start a message, get intrigue, and give yourself the best possible chance of a reply!
8) I take you through the simple steps to get the girls number – moving off of the website as fast as possible and arranging that drink!
9) I also suggest great times and places to go for the initial drink – This is all about you getting to know the girl.

15 Information Packed Chapters I cover:

–Plenty of Sites
–Creating your Profile
–The Backup – Secondary Pictures
–Vital Statistics
–Improving your Look
–It’s the ‘about me’
–Setting your Parameters
–The Stereotypes that Lurk Online
–Opening Messages
–Texting and Whatsapping
–No Reply?
–Going for a Drink
–Looking for Fun?
–Going in for the Kiss
–The Awkward Goodbye

This book is jammed packed with everything you need to get you to that first date. Dating should be enjoyable, where you can choose who you want to date rather than getting frustrated and wondering why ‘no one replies’. By avoid mistakes I lay out you will meet hot and charming women for new adventures. This is about improving you, making you the best you can be, and with my help I’m going to help you get dating.

So without further ado, let’s jump straight in and get dating!