Everything You Need to Know About ONLINE DATING

by Jay Jordan , Landis Blair

I don’t know where the Holy Grail is and I don’t have a map to Atlantis, but I do know my way around dating sites. I believe that, by following my advice, success is simple, no matter who you are.

Why does this book exist? I was asked to write the following pages by numerous people who at one point in their lives took my advice and joined the slightly strange world of online dating. They had the time of their lives and never looked back. Many are now in steady relationships and living happy lives. Without realising it, it was my input and advice that helped them on their journey. I never knew how much I had learnt and how much my knowledge would help them get to where they are today. It was mainly these people that asked me to write this book, but also those who had become disillusioned by the ever-growing number of clueless members that seemed to frequent the dating sites.

So, here we are: you, me, a book about internet dating sites and a question that I am sure is on your mind … “Is this book for me?”
Let me save you some time and money, as I admit this book isn’t for everyone.
If you are under 20 years of age and have a very active social and sex life, then surely you have the wrong book in your hands and you might be better off in the sexual health section.
If you have so many phone numbers from the opposite sex in your mobile phone that you have to keep updating the size of your memory card so as to make room for more, then take a step back and walk away. Pocket organisers are on the left.

If you are a 6ft Adonis with rippling biceps and an eight pack who teaches tennis to rich and very bored ladies in his free time, then let’s face it – you probably have a very full life and can swagger away chortling. I would try the early-learning section if I were you.

If you are amazingly good looking, a member of a popular boy band and have women sleeping outside your bedroom window, then surely you can afford to buy this anyway and don’t need to consider anything. In fact, I’m surprised you didn’t get your PA to buy it for you. You don’t need it though, and if I were you, I would save my money for when you are older and working two nights a week in a holiday camp. That day will come.

If you believe (like many) that internet dating is for losers, then why pick this book up in the first place? There must be some doubt in your mind or at least some intrigue as to what goes on? If not, then put this down and find a book called 1,000,000 Pick-up Lines by Chuck Junior and head to the nearest pub. But I can guarantee that you will be missing out on a world that is very popular and quite simply unbelievable.

If, like me and the rest of the 99.9% of the population, you do not fall into any of the above categories, then maybe this book is for you. It will give you a head start into the massive and complicated world of online dating, which is something I never had and a world where I really did learn the hard way.

I didn’t always get things right, but I kept a record and studied every single meet or message that went either right or wrong.

I dedicate this to every person who has sat and stared at their mobile phone and wondered why a certain person hasn’t phoned back or at least sent a text.

But above all, I dedicate this and a whole world of knowledge to anyone who has sat at home and wondered where all the single people are.
Let’s start where most things usually do – at the beginning.