eye mask

There are many reasons why people do not get a good night of sleep. Some have a very uncomfortable bed, and they can not rest as they should. Others have problems with outdoor noise, and perhaps a spouse that snores. Some people are just stressed, and that means they simply can not settle enough to get the sleep that they need. Sometimes, however, the reasons are very simple. Some have early light, or street lights, that come in the windows and they can not sleep because of it. When this happens, the answer may be as simple as buying an eye mask.

The sun is a natural alarm clock that some use. However, when your sleeping hours are different than the norm, it can be an unwelcome source of irritation. The eye mask is a great way to keep the light out of the eyes, but you do have to have one that fits over your eyes correctly. You want one that is thick and made of a dark color. It should also fit over the eyes and around the sides well enough so that cracks of light will not leak in while you are sleeping.

The biggest problem with some who try to wear an eye mask is that they can not get used to them. They can be restrictive on the head, and that does take some getting used to. However, after a few nights of it feeling awkward, it won’t bother you a bit. It may irritate a bit in hot weather, but the amount of sleep someone can get will outweigh the few times when discomfort might be an issue. Overall, those who try these to get more sleep love them, and they find they can not sleep without them. If that is the case with you, get a few of them so you know you are never without protection.

There are other types of eye mask that may not help with sleep, but they can help you look better when you are lacking enough sleep. They are often made with a gel that can be put in the freezer. When this type of eye mask is put on the eyes, the coolness with constrict the blood vessels under and around the eyes, and that helps with the elimination of black circles under the eyes. It can also help with a headache at times, though not all types of headache. Both types can usually be found where bath and beauty products are sold.