eyeglass frames

Those who don’t wear glasses often don’t think about it, but eyeglass frames are often just as stylish as the clothes that we buy. Glasses have gone through fashion trends just as many times as anything else. They don’t seem to be as versatile as clothing, but the makers of these frames have proven that theory wrong. They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, and sometimes the trend is to have as little frame as possible. Anyone getting new glasses might be overwhelmed with the choices they have when buying.

My mother had the same eyeglass frames for a very long time, and she said she didn’t realize how dated they were making her look until she broke down and went to buy a new pair. She had always loved the color purple, and hers where made with a hint of purple in the eyeglass frames. She had purchased large frames, as they were the trend when she bought them. Now she has something with less color and a smaller frame.

Most people don’t think about it, but just like my mom, their eyeglass frames may be aging them. Some don’t bother with new ones if their eyes do not change in prescription. They do this in order to save money. However, they end up looking dated, and that ages them. Once they go out and buy new ones they are shocked to see how young they look with a new and updated pair of eyeglass frames. They come in all sizes now. Some like to have the smaller ones because they only use glasses for reading or at night after they have removed their contacts. Others like the larger ones when they wear them all day, and perhaps they need them for their job.

The best thing about newer eyeglass frames, other than the style, is the fact that there are many made for children that are designed to be flexible. Adults can find these frames as well. Most choose the traditional, but some have a habit of leaving their glasses lying around where they could be easily broken. Children often break things, glasses included. Having flexible frames is a great idea for them. Some children’s frames even come in fun colors and some even have favored childhood characters on them. You should allow them to choose their own, but there are some that might not be good. Let them browse, but give them a few from which to choose that you both can live with every day.