Under eye dark circles

A few months ago, I was just simply a mess. I was 12 pounds overweight, had dark circles under my eyes, seemed to be wrinkling faster and faster every day, and could barely make my words come out right. You might think from all of this description, that I was a drug addict. I wish! Drug addiction is easy to treat – you just get into a treatment program, go through the 12 steps, and that is that. Under eye dark circles, and midlife stress, are much more difficult. I know. I did everything that there was to treat dark circles under eyes, along with the rest of it. I would exercise, I would use every cream and lotion known to man, I even went to retreats led by crackpot yogis, but none of it did any good at all. I was a mess.
I did not mention that at the time I was working in the professional sector. I worked something like 70 or 80 hours a week, and had a whole stable of contacts to maintain. If you have never been a professional woman, you have no idea what kind of burden dark circles under eyes is. If you do not look good every day, people have no confidence in you or your ability to sell their products. I went to the fancy spas and tried miracle creams for dark circles under eyes, but nothing seemed to work, and my business performance was suffering. I always had faith in the cosmetics industry, but now it seemed to be letting me down. It could not treat my dark circles under eyes. I did not know what to do.
In the end, it was none of the dark circles under eyes treatments that did it for me. One of my friends told me what I should have known all along. I was suffering from too much stress and it was as simple as that. What I really needed was to take some time off, and find a routine that wasn’t killing me. I cut back my hours, took a long vacation, and the changes were almost instantaneous. The dark circles under eyes disappeared almost instantly. Most the wrinkles that had accumulated in the past year follow. And best of all, I learned a valuable lesson, one which I will not forget for the rest of my life. Being a professional is great, making money is great, but none of it is worth destroying your health over.